Saturday, 24 September 2016

#1 Degree Life - My First 3 Weeks!

[Saturday, 9:22 P.M]

Hi, and welcome-back-again (smirk)

This morning, i had my very first silat sport class today! Oh really, i'm so excited at first but i felt really nervous too! (Damn, this girl never ber-silat before, pity) I'm glad, that today's class was just a "briefing session for the freshie students"

So yeah. I love Perlis and i love being here too.

My first week here, which is my orientation week was totally sucks. I had a serious fever (40 celcius, damn that was the hottest temperature i ever had) and a very serious sore eyes (which eyes means both, left and right). During those speeches in the great hall, i couldn't focus at all due to my really bad condition. So, i'm not really enjoying my orientation week.

And so, my classes had begun.

I had a lot of fun seriously! And i'm enjoying my classes very much, (Except for the principle of management) My roommates, and my girls, they were all insane! It's just, i'm superb really glad to have them as a part of my upside-down life. Well, not to say much but oh by the way, one of my lecturer, he's a japanese, So my friends and i have a-not-so-serious problem in understanding his english accent.

Okay, everyone, so i'll be updating more about my courses and what subject that i had to face for this semester, curriculum and many more!

p/s: got 2 quizzes next week!!!

Lots of love, xoxo :)