Tuesday, 23 December 2014

He, gave her a false hope

Today, she learned from her mistake. Never put a high hope on something that never hoping on her. Tho she felt very hurt, inside, she looked like she's okay at the outside. It's raining outside. How can the sky knows, that her heart is shattered now ? How can the sky knows that she is crying, inside ?
Ever since she knows that she was so stupid, she have had gave up.

If she could turn back the time, like the first time she talked to him, she would have teach her heart to be strong. Not to be too dumb. But she failed. How stupid she was. Stupid.

But now, everything, is a thing. The pain, the sorrow, could have leave her in breathless.

"If you like, you tell, don't keep it anymore."

Once, she believed this. But not now.

"The moment that I should have told you 'I really like you'."

Once, she really wanted to tell this. But when she does, she died.

She still can't move on. Even she had to shower with tears, pains

'Dear dairy hati, be strong now'

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