Sunday, 28 December 2014

Re Post ; Musical Obsessions (by nadiaffira)

I typically fell in love with a certain composer or bands and found myself unconsciously playing their music repeatedly, almost utterly, for seasons or months, until it is then reinstated and replaced. It's like the melodies and tunes were prefix in my subconscious mind.

In the past months, I have had three such manias, one after another. The first one was on Miami Horror's, Moon Theory, after I had gone to hear this brilliant track while I was doing my daily cardio alone at the park. This song kept impending through my mind, even hunting my nights in dreams, for months, reinforced by my getting it on my car ride mixtapes which as a result, putting them in constant replay.

Then I altered to profoundly different musical taste after watching a biographical film on the world's genius, Einstein. He who known for his works, loved classical music. This intrigued me, though I had never before been engrossed in this style of music; then again I found myself downloading every highly rated classical mixtapes and played then constantly, Moon Theory literally vanished from my auditory concert hall, replaced by beautiful heart wrenching symphonies from Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Most recently, I have turned to constant playing of recordings by Bach, and some of his similar companions, Verdi, Chopin, and Brahms have swept clear any other common genre I often listen to, out of my head.

If you ask what these two styles of music have in common, I would have to say nothing musically and perhaps nothing emotionally (beyond the contentment they have all given me).

When they do share is the fact that I have assailed my ears and brain with them, and the musical auras or my veins in my brain have been fed, assaulted by them.

P/s If you were born in my generation, you've at least once listened to Tiesto cover of Adagio for Strings. Now, if you're not aware of this yet, and thought the track was originally his, try listen to Samuel Barber's.

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